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We pride ourselves on discovering, reviewing and recommending the most beautiful jewellery in the world, and the most sustainable.

We only work with the best designers, manufacturers and retailers who use renewable gems and recycled metals so that you can wear your jewellery with pride.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds & Gemstones Real?

Yes! Lab Grown Diamonds and Gemstones are 100% real Diamonds and Gems. They are physically, chemically, and visually the same as naturally occurring Diamonds and Gems. They are even certified by IGI and GIA, so you can be sure you are buying a genuine stone.

They look the same, feel the same & sparkle the same.

Welcome To The Wonderful World of Sustainable Jewellery

All the Jewellery we source is guaranteed Mining-Free and Conflict-Free, which is good for the planet and good for people.

Take a look at the beautiful pieces for yourself.

Can You Tell A Lab Diamond from A Natural Diamond?

No! Lab Grown Diamonds and Gems are chemically, physically and visually the same as Mined stones. There is no way of being able to tell them apart (except by the price).

Because Lab Gems are are renewable resource that are not mined out of the Earth, they are significantly less expensive than Mined stones.

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