The Colours Edit Autumn/Winter 20/21

This Autumn/Winter 20/21 Season’s colours are a breath of fresh air. They are so dynamic, diverse and vibrant; and yet classically cold weather. This season’s palette is hallmarked by deep rich hues and light airy neutrals this palette is perfect for the inspiration of the A/W 20/21 seasons ethos, individuality and sophistication.

This season’s high notes are in areas such as Heritage Prints, Detail Fringing, Vintage Volume, Touchable Textures and Leather accents, just to name a few.  Keep your eyes out for felt hats, long lady-like gloves, less is more jewellery and an overall vibe of classic feminine dressing.

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The Autumn/Winter 20/21 Colour Palette by Pantone

PANTONE 17-1562
Mandarin Red

An amplified and provocative orange-infused red tone, Mandarin Red is a dynamic force.

Pantone (1)

PANTONE 19-1662

A voluptuous sultry red, Samba introduces an upbeat energy.

Pantone (2)

PANTONE 19-4057
True Blue

A definitive and reliable blue hue, True Blue is constant and ever faithful.

Pantone (3)

This Autumn/Winter 20/21 colours are best incorporated through pieces that are in keeping with the most prevailing trend of the season, classic heritage. This classic take on vintage has been given a modern make-over with a focus on sophistication. This year it is all about individual combinations with a focus on textures, details and an abundance of accessories.

PANTONE 17-1349

A good natured and expansive orange shade, Exuberance conveys a message of spontaneity and happiness.

Pantone (4)

PANTONE 19-0622
Military Olive

Military Olive is a strong and stalwart green tone imbued with a rich narrative.

Pantone (5)

PANTONE 14-0647

Botanical in feeling, Celery is a vital yellow green that reflects the natural freshness of nature.

Pantone (6)

The Autumn/Winter 20/21 colour combinations are all about the individual finding the pieces that best represent your style and personality. Weather you are a fan of tailored chic or 1970s inspired effortless-cool, this season has something for everyone.

PANTONE 18-5338
Ultramarine Green

Ultramarine Green, a deep cooling blue-green, exudes self-assurance and poise.

Pantone (7)

PANTONE 18-4051
Strong Blue

The red undertone we see in Strong Blue injects vibrancy into this confident blue shade.

Pantone (8)

PANTONE 19-1540
Burnt Henna

A robust red shade, Burnt Henna combines heartiness with sophisticated earthiness.

Pantone (9)

No matter how you choose to combine the Autumn/Winter 20/21 Pantone colour palette, this seasons pieces area all about retro inspired flowy femininity and classic cold weather combinations.

PANTONE 17-1225
Tawny Birch

A rugged and woodsy tan shade evocative of rustic nature.

Pantone (10)

PANTONE 11-0605
Jet Stream

Jet Stream is an off-white suggestive of our affinity for raw and recycled.

Pantone (11)

PANTONE 14-1122

A rich camel tone emblematic of naturally coloured fleece.

Pantone (12)

The Autumn/Winter 20/21 bright and rich colours are balanced by the complimentary array of classic winter neutrals which will be wardrobe staples for trans-season wear moving into Spring/Summer 2021.

PANTONE 19-4024
Dress Blues

Dress Blues conveys a message of integrity and credibility.


PANTONE 16-3916

Highlighting our desire for longevity, Sleet is a timeless gray that is dependable, solid and everlasting.


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