Is Simafra The Greatest Artist of our Time?

Who is Simafra?

Riccardo Prosperi, also known as Simafra, is a 35 year old Italian artist who lives and works in Florence. Working for a renowned Florentine workshop of restorers, Simafra started painting in the year 2000 while studying with Professor Ottavio Troiano. The Italian artist’s work is unique and dreamlike and often carries symbolism and metaphorical depictions. Inspired by Italian abstract expressionist art, his work captures the lasting charm of nature while mainly using mixed media for most of his work. He has participated in several group exhibitions and competitions in Tuscany since 2004, painting heavenly forest scenes to magnificent golden peacocks.

What is Simafra’s artistic background?

Simafra began his creative practice under the mentoring of Ottavio Troiano and started experimenting with gold paint. The use of gold combined with layered textures has also drawn comparisons with Gustav Klimt’s work. He developed his rich style by finding inspiration from various movements and influences from Italian painters such as Afro Basaldella and Alberto Burrito to the English Romantic painter William Turner. He says that his paintings depict his freedom and that this is his way of being at peace.

Within a short period, Simafra started exhibiting his artwork in Italy and abroad. He has also stayed in Paris and Germany between 2008 and 2010 where he collaborated with innumerable galleries; working with Ken’s Art Gallery in the year 2009 in Florence, Infantellina Contemporary in Berlin, and Galeri Golkar in Bonn the following year.

Moreover, La Bottega Moderna; an independent cultural space and an artist’s workshop, was founded by him in Florence. In the year 2012, Simafra was chosen for Art Arsenal, the international biennial exhibition in Kiev. In the year 2013, he participated in the group show Odds and Sods at the Art Moor House Gallery and later at the Cadogan Contemporary Gallery, making this year all about London. Furthermore, Simafra started working with Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart, Paris in the year 2014 and participated in several fairs around Europe.

Simafra had his very first solo show at the Parisian Galerie Virginie Barrou Planquart in March 2015. He also had the honor of presenting at the four monumental canvases of his project Le Quattro Stagioniat Palazzo Panichi in Pietrasanta, Italy. Those artworks were also later at display in the Palazzo Gianfigliazzi-Bonaparte in Florence. Later that year, his works were also selected by the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair, London in order to participate in the collective ‘Art Fusion’.

What is his Artistic Style?

The environment and nature have always provided Simafra with sources of inspiration. He believes that the canvas is the mirror of the soul, and his work is a mixture of playfulness and passion. He transforms his current state into a wave of positive energy and calmness for the viewer. His paintings and artworks range from 12780 GBP to as low as 8250 GBP.

Where Can I Buy Simafra’s Art?

Simafra has been working with Maddox Gallery since 2016 and attended the Galleria Russo in Istanbul and Rome, and Houston Art Fair. He also took part in the group show Erranti Erotici Eretici, organized by the Vacchi Foundation while exhibiting in Pietrasanta, at Ex-Marmi. In the same year, he also worked on Autostima; his first-site specific installation which was exhibited in the group exhibition Ecosistemi at the Biagiotti Progetto Arte Foundation, Florence.

Hosted by Maddox Gallery, the artist had his first solo show in the year 2017 in London. His work was later chosen by the same gallery for Modern Masters; a group exhibition. The gallery also participated in the Bahrain International Fair, Art Across Borders while Simafra was put amongst the artist hosted at the ArteFiera booth in Bologna. He presented a new series of works in the solo exhibition entitled Aequilibrium in 2017, which was hosted by Galleria Russo in Rome. The aequilibrium series is all about the beginning and end of the world. The natural cycle and the totality of the universe expanded in its four fundamental elements; air, water, earth, and fire using mixed media on canvas.


In 2018, the artist releases a series dedicated to Lapland, that became a part of the ‘Alessandro Grassi’ collection. Furthermore, Exibart; an Italian art magazine contacted Simafra to publish his works in the “222 Emerging Artists worth investing in 2018”.

As 2019 began, Simafra started his new journey through the states, exhibiting his work in the London Maddox gallery in Los Angeles and also, beginning a collaboration with the Belvedere Art Space gallery in Beirut at the same time. ‘An afternoon with Simafra’ was held at the Maddox Gallery of Mayfair, an event where his new paintings were presented. Today his work is collected by celebrities, royals, and adorns luxury venues across the world. Simafra can be found gracing the walls of Cameron Diaz’s New York apartment, as well as the private residence of The Royal Prince of Qatar.

A Final Word…

Simafra is by far our favourite emerging artist on the scene at the moment. He is a true artisan and displays a mastery of his craft that sets him in a class of 1 at this time in global art. He consistently produces original and perfectly skilled pieces that not only provoke thought and reflection, but are truly beautiful to look at.

We would highly recommend that those interested in buying art for the sake of the art itself, and not the purely the short term investment growth capacity as seems to be the approach of so many now days, investigate Simafra. Many of his works are already selling in hundreds of thousands but this doesn’t mean that you cannot access smaller and more experimental pieces of his, that will surely go on to be worth significantly more than what was paid in years to come.

In the meantime, check out Simafra’s instagram profile here to follow his works.

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