Herborist Imperial Wu-Xing Collection Travel Size Gift Set

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Herborist is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, a millennial and empirical science that relies on the knowledge and use of the medicinal properties of plants. Each Herborist product contains the synergy of 5 to 20 medicinal herbs in a formula that benefits from the most advanced technologies. Herborist products encourage you to rethink your beauty habits: slow down, take time for yourself, have daily wellness rituals to find harmony.

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Herborist draws on the age-old wisdom of Chinese medicine to develop its exceptional products with a subtle blend of traditional knowledge and the most innovative formulas in cosmetics today. Herborist Skincare encourages us to rethink our beauty habits: slow down, take time to establish a good beauty routine and create daily rituals to meet our needs.

Drawing on the wealth of natural resources available in China, Herborist offers a holistic vision of beauty: inner wellness and external beauty are in harmony, skin is healthy and balanced.

Inspired by the heritage of from taixuan Codex, the ancient formula harmonizes the essences of PANAX Ginseng, flos osmanthi fragrant is, succinum, Margarita and rhizoma polygonati to restore the balance in the skin. Additionally, with the M3 technology, the active ingredients are coated in multiple layers for sustained release and targeted to improve the appearance of aged skin and make you looks fresh and youthful again. With its soft and light texture, The day cream can make the skin tight and comfort with younger look. The optimal effect can be achieved by used in combination with Herborist imperial wu-xing series products.


Imperial Wu-Xing – Reverse

Anti-ageing collection that delays the natural dynamics of skin ageing. The name of the range refers to Wu-Xing theory (theory of 5 elements).

In the continuity of the concept of the balance between Yin and Yang, Wu-Xing explains this concept by the balance between the 5 Primary Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. This theory can be applied to any type of cycle, so Herborist applies it to ageing skin.

Indeed, the ageing of the skin is a natural process for humans. Initially, the body is able to fight against this phenomenon, then the immune system weakens and no longer allows to defend completely against this inevitable decline. The formulation of the Wu-Xing range consists of 5 Chinese medicine plants and minerals that “act” on each of the mechanisms of skin ageing.



Herborist Imperial Wu-Xing Rejuvenating Facial Cleanser

Herborist Imperial Wu-Xing Boosting Toner

Herborist Imperial Wu-Xing Rejuvenating Day Cream

Herborist Imperial Wu-Xing Rejuvenating Eye Cream

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